Our Story

Oak Harbor is widely known as a Navy town, due to Naval Air Station Whidbey Island  Our congregation has an active interface with the military personnel and civilians who work on the base and their families living in this area.

Our church family was established 115 years ago with families who settled on Whidbey Island. Many members worked the soil and had dairy farms. They not only to made a living, but ministered to the community. San De Fuca Chapel as well as Anacortes CRC originated from members of Oak Harbor CRC wanting to spread the gospel. Oak Harbor Christian School was established by our church family in 1932, and is still supported as our mission to Oak Harbor. We value Christian Education as a mandate of the broader CRC community. We have supported and ministered to Navy families throughout the years. For over 25 years, we have work in Tijuana Mexico to build churches and spread the gospel. Currently we are working with SPIN Café to feed the needy in Oak Harbor on Wednesday nights. We are people who value studying God’s word together in variety of groups that meet during the week. We hold God’s word as the way, the truth, the life.

Our members consist of a variety of people. We have wise older generations. Some of our people work for the Navy, for the city, local businesses, and the fire department. We have a number of teachers working in public schools, and several are retired.

We are looking forward as a body of Christ to the hope of his return. In the mean time we carry on the ministry and mission he set for us in his word.